Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Market Bags

Good Morning! DD, Janice, is having another Open House. This time there will be 4 vendors set up at the Avon Office in Port Neches. Staci will be selling Scensy; Amanada sells Avon; Janice has Tupperware; and my raggy/traditional items will be set up. Because I'm babysitting for Janice, I won't be there. My sweet DIL, Laurie, will be there for me.
This week I've been busy dreaming up market bags to sell. The good thing is if they don't sell, I get to use them! This is only three of them; they measure about 14" x 14" x 8".Oh, I've also used vintage fabrics.


  1. I hope everyone sells something. Your tote bags are very nice.

  2. I of course like the raggy one the most ...even if it is pastels :) you know how much I like the darker colors. as soon as I get done organizing I am going to make a big raggy denim quilt from old blue jeans..Then I will list it on ebay.

  3. Nice bags Lynn. I like all of them.