Friday, May 13, 2011

My Newest Project!

It's a pretty day today and will be a pretty weekend. That's good as we had lots of rain yesterday. Hope the rest of the country is being safe from the storms and floods lately.
This last month or so, I had been working on market bags, lunch bags, and totebags. Then I received a request to make surgical caps. I had never done any, but I was game! I came up with 2 different styles; several different sizes. (I don't believe one size fits all is for everyone!) My buyer came by yesterday and bought the nine I had ready with her fabrics. She took eight others (made with my fabrics) to her hospital today; I'm hoping for a sell-out, lol. I will be listing them online; if anyone is interested, just e-mail me. I can customize them for you!


  1. Very nice Lynn and a good change from doing the same thing..Did you have a pattern or are you just familiar with surgical caps

  2. That's funny, Nancy. I did buy a pattern online; then tweaked it to make it mine.

  3. Congrats on the hats! My welders caps provide me with an abundance of scraps to sew with too!