Monday, March 8, 2010

Long Absence

Sorry I've been missing for so long. I was busy working on charm table runners and started a new charm quilt. Then we had a house fire. I know how lucky we were that no one was hurt and our house did not burnt down. However, we did lose our kitchen and den. The only furniture saved out of those rooms were my mother's rocker and my DH's little table. There is smoke and water damage; I'm still hoping to save my sewing room. I'll see after the Recover team does their job. I do have to say that we have a wonderful insurance company. I don't know if I can name it, but the initials are S F. We had a good policy and they are treating us more than fair. We are using their Premier groups; so far, have a recovery team, a building team and a textile clean up team. This happened on Wednesday night; by Thursday, we were visited by the adjuster, the recovery team and the contractor. By Friday, the kitchen & den were already emptied. Saturday, those two rooms were demolished. Today, they're starting in the Living Room. Even though I'm not doing any of the physical work, I'm having to say keep or toss, so it's very emotional.
I am also thankful that all the items up for sale in my selling blog was in airtight totes. I am planning on putting it on vacation mode, though; at least until the clean up is finished.
Warning to everyone: have a fire extinguisher in your kitchen!
I'll be back when I can......