Sunday, April 3, 2011

Totebags and more totebags!

I finished three more raggy totebags. They were for a special order. As you can see, they are all a little different, as all my totebags are OOAK.

Today I decided to make a couple of traditional totebags. It's been months since I've done a simple totebag; glad I could remember how to sew them, lol. The kid print is a vintage fabric from my mother's stash and the black & white 100% cotton fabric is a piece from my own stash. I added larger pockets inside and have a longer handle. I would be glad to make a tote for you in your choice of colors.


  1. Lynn, love the totes. The vintage fabric from your Mom , I really love it! You have been busy.

  2. Love the totes Lynn...hope you sell them all..seems like you are on a roll with totebags

  3. Very nice Lynn.
    You have been busy, sewing and clipping!