Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sewing away in Texas!

As I was working on a round for a Round Robin, I also worked on my 2" squares. They are addictive!

Have you heard of a Round Robin? It's a quilt that is made by a group of quilters and it's a variation of doing friendship blocks. To start, everyone makes a block for the center. The blocks are passed to someone else in the group. They add the first round. Then the next quilter adds the second. This continues until all the rounds are added. The quilter who made the center block then gets the quilt top back to keep and finish. These round robins are challenging. Well, two members dropped out of a round robin, so I volunteered to do a round for my friend. I made the round simple so it could "frame" the lovely birdhouse and vines. It will be on the way to the next person tomorrow.


  1. Very nice Lynn!!
    I love quilts. The scrappy squares are my favorite. I prefer the simpler quilt patterns made from scraps.
    The birdhouse block looks awesome!!

  2. Thanks Lynn. It turned out beautiful

  3. Beautiful, Lynn! You have my address don't you? ;)

  4. I wish I could keep the round robin myself. The birdhouse and the tree branch especially are beautiful!

  5. Lynn, I love it! Someday I just might have to trying quilting. I always want too! The birdhouse and tree do look beautiful.

  6. Love it Lynn..You know how much I Love anything to do with Nature and I know you have my address. You do really beautiful work :)