Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Pillowcase Dresses

Our weather has been so pretty lately. Hope yours has been too! I've been sewing away. For years I wanted to try a pillowcase dress, so finally did. I made the 1st four out of dotted swiss fabric from my mother's stash. They are truely one of a kind! I also found the cutest pink & brown print and a sweet rose print. My DD loves it and wants one for Meagan, who is 2 1/2. I make them in sizes 3 mos. to 5. I'm listing them in my selling blog, if anyone is interested.

Here is a photo of my pretty models, my youngest two DGDs.


  1. They are very cute..I remember a few years ago when I made aprons out of pillow cases and you can always get some nice pillow cases at the thrift stores.
    Are the dresses for Meghan and Mattie?

  2. Lynn, the dresses are darling. Your grandaughters are precious!

  3. Nancy, I have made a few of the dresses for Meagan and Maddie. However, the bulk are for sale.