Monday, October 1, 2012

Quilt Tops For Sale

Hello again!  I have made several quilt tops to sell and need to move them soon.  My youngest DD had her purse stolen last weekend.  The police did deliver her wallet Sunday PM; however her debit cards and cash was missing.  As some of you may know, she sells Avon and that is her way to support her and her young DD.  The cash in her wallet was from orders delivered that day.  The money I receive from these quilt tops will be used to replace the money stolen from her.   Here are the photos:

The Tumbler quilt top is about 36" by 40" and is $15.  The Roses quilt top is about 37" by 45" and is $22.50.  The Floral Patchwork Quilt Top is about 40" by 48" and is $25.  The Butterfly Patchwork quilt top is about 36" by 50" and is $25.  The Roses D9P is 47" by 47" and is $35.  The shipping can be by first class or priority.  Any of these quilt tops can be added to make a larger quilt top.  Any questions, please e-mail me.  Thanks for your interest.


  1. Thank you so much mom! I really appreciate what you do for me everyday, but I am very grateful for this. You are such a wonderful person, and I am glad you are my mother.

    I am just so glad that I got my drivers license and my new Avon wallet back. Wish they can find my new Avon purse too. And all my make-up and the other stuff I left in my purse. ((sigh)) I really dislike punk kids.

    Just a word of advice for my mom's friends: Don't leave your vehicle unlocked, even in a "safe" neighborhood, and don't leave your purse in your vehicle. I make a habit of keeping my belongings safe, but this one time, I let the distractions of a busy day keep me from the extra precautions. And I am paying the price because someone else chose to steal from me.

  2. Janice, it breaks my heart that someone stole from you. You are a good person and don't deserve this.