Sunday, January 24, 2010

Peaceful January Sunday

I'm so glad it's not rainy today. It's almost like spring here in southeast Texas. So glad some of my grandkids live close to us. Here are our two youngest DGKs. Meagan is now 16 mos. and Madison is now 15 mos. They both love grandpa!
I'm still working on the scrappy strip quilt. Almost through with the inside; I'm still thinking of the border.....


  1. Look at the sweet little faces :)
    I'm sure you enjoy them Lynn...I don't see any of my grandkids anymore...not since they got old enough to stay home alone and not need a babysitter anymore...used to it now though...but will get excited if Nellie ever has a Child (marriage first tho) Just hope she doesn't wait until I am to old to be trusted to hold a baby LOL
    Rained all day here but looking forward to tomorrow and hoping for nice day

  2. Love the baby pixs Lynn. They are both adorable.

  3. Thanks to both of you. You can tell I love my grandkids, right?