Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy, busy

Sorry, I haven't been posting here. I've been busy getting ready for a Church show. There wasn't a big crowd, but we did manage to sell a few items, incuding three raggy quilts. It was a lot of work, though! If you would check out our Raggy Anne blog, you can see our display.
I will be busy this week doing housework. I'm also working on small Christmas gifts for some internet friends. For anyone placing orders with me, they will also receive a gift from me.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday.


  1. Glad you sold some raggy quilts at the show. Good for you! Keep sewing!

  2. This is a personal invitation to you to come to my Craft show that will be on my Car port since the forcast now shows 70% chance of rain for 21st. I will also be having a Black Friday week end sale in my blog and will be giving gifts with a purchase.
    I will be glad to get out of podunk by April so I can start working on items for Craft shows up North next fall.
    They also have a lot of home shows in IL and that means no hauling or rent for space..nothing but your time...a win win situation if you only sell $25.00 :)