Friday, August 28, 2009

My Raggy Totes

I'm excited today. I've been makiing raggy totes since last year, but have never used one myself. I have sold them as fast as I've made them. I made three sizes, small, medium, and large to add to my craft booth. Then decided I would use one and carry business cards. Well, I've only used it twice and have handed out several cards. I believe it's catchy as it's jewel tones. They are listed in our selling blog. Click on the homespun quilt to right of screen and you'll go to our Raggy Anne blog. When I make these totes, they are all one of a kind. I might use the same fabrics, but will be placed differently. That way, my totes do not look like they are mass produced.

Today I'm working on scented candle mats/hot pads. I hope to show photos soon.


  1. Nice picture, and I love the bright colored ones! It's always a good idea to carry one and a bunch of bus. cards. Good luck with some more sales.

  2. They are some of the best you have ever made and I bet they will sell fast...I need to have some new business cards made too and guess I should get some of the hundred things I have for sale listed in my selling blog :)