Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Peaceful Sunday

Today has been a quiet day for me, especially after yesterday. Normally, DGS, Gabe, spends the weekend with his mom (he lives with us). He stayed here instead; also, DD, Janice, and her 3 kids came over after lunch. DH & I cooked dinner for everyone. For those who don't know me, DH, Rochelle, & I are both retired and share in the house duties. Normally, DH cooks and I do most of kitchen cleaning. I decided I wanted smothered chicken; that is still one dish I cook better than him. My mother used to tell me I made it as good as my grandmother did and that was a real compliment. Anyway, as we were eating, boys thanked their grandpa for the dinner; as you can tell, they are used to their grandpa cooking our meal. Well, he told them their grandma cooked the chicken. Chase, the 8-year-old, looked at us and said "you are both the best grandparents ever; you are a 'good' couple" -- made me tear up. This came from a child whose parents separated before his 1st birthday and he has never seen them in a loving relationship. We don't have a perfect marriage, but have been married for almost 38 years. I'm glad we can be a good role model for our grandchildren. Ok, enough mushy stuff.

I've mentioned that I've been working on hot pads. They are reversible and I've scented them. I'll list them in our Raggy Anne blog soon. Here is a photo of them, though.


  1. Great fabrics for your potholders. Do they have that Insul-brite in them so you don't burn your hands??

  2. Hi Lynn
    Glad to see you blogging. Your items are great and wish you best of luck with the selling!

    Your DGD is too precious for words; many congrats to you and your hubs for upcoming anniversary. Very few can match that many years these days.

    Always blessed,

  3. How sweet of your grandson to say that! I would have teared up, too! Hey...I want your recipe for smothered chicken! Made me hungry...and it's almost midnight! LOL! ~~Annie

  4. Annie, I'll post my chicken recipe here. Hope everyone enjoys it.

    Judy, my hot pads have two layers of cotton, one layer of flannel and one layer of warm n natural batting. The purpose is to put a hot pot on.