Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Thursday Morning!

The week is going by so fast. Yesterday I went by our craft mall; DD & I have a booth where we are selling raggy quilts, taggie blankies, pincushions, Korker Bows, hangtags, and raggy and traditional totes. The name of the store is The Rustic Door -- Isn't that neat? Anyway, Christie, the owner, said a customer wanted to know if I ever did scented hot pads. So, that was my project for yesterday. When I finish some, I'll show a photo. I'm just wondering what happens to the scent when they're washed? Oh, well, I'm not going to charge a lot for them, so shouldn't matter. At least they'll smell good for a while, lol.,

For those who don't know, youngest DD, Janice, and I have started a business, RaggyAnne, to sell our "stuff". She set up a selling blog for us. A friend is going to help me add a link to this blog. But until then, go visit it using this url:

Now, I'm off to sew on the hot pads. Have a wonderful. day!

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