Monday, October 26, 2009

Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Quilt Auction

Today I want to write about our 2nd annual Breast Cancer Awareness Charity Quilt auction. It was made by a wonderful and giving group of women on eBay, Quilters Corner Group.

SGK raises funds through a variety of events. What makes our auction special? It is a handcrafted keepsake made by a group of women, most whom have never even met each other, yet have a common bond of quilting and so much more, the bond of sisterhood.

Please click on the link and view the beautiful pink quilt.


  1. Glad to see a lot of us are blogging about this quilt and doing it on different day. We need to do this toward the end of the auction too!

  2. very nice Lynn..very well written and very nice quilt
    As you know I don't care for the color pink but I do love the quilt.
    I made BC totes last year in October and sold them for the same reason.
    We need to find a better cure and its people like you that help a worthy cause