Saturday, January 5, 2013

Framed Memory Quilts

Good Morning!  How is your year going so far?  So far, my year is doing great!  I forgot how much I love to do crazy quilt blocks.  After making the seven memory quilts, I had some small scraps left.  So, I made several small wallhangers and framed them.  I did either a crazy quilt heart or simple crazy quilt block.  Then, I went to resell shops and bought some frames.  My last customer loved them!  I would love to make more.  If you have clothes you would like made into memory quilts, I can use the scraps to make you the same framed blocks.  Or, I can make a block from current fabrics.  Wouldn't that make a pretty picture on the wall?  Here are some of the frames:
(I'm sorry, right now I'm not able to load my photos; I'll try again later.)

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  1. Memory quilts are great...u do such a wonderful job with them.