Monday, August 6, 2012

Hello after a long absence.  This has been an eventful summer for me. The night before Memorial Day, I fell in my den and broke my shoulder. It was a clean break, so it had to heal on it's own. Needless to say, I "lost" the month of June. Now, after P/T, I'm better than I was before, though I wouldn't want to repeat that accident, lol. My therapist did tell me I did good by starting to sew when I did (waited until my doctor told me I could take off sling.)
I've made sachets, rice bags, mouse pads and am now working on a raggy quilt for the Senior Center. Yesterday I started listing again on the internet. Check out my quilt tops on eBay and etsy. Here's a link.......
and here's a photo of one of the quilt tops.


  1. Very nice quilt top Lynn..Looks like a lot of work and I am sure it will go fast.This was not the best summer for a lot of us and I hope your shoulder gets better fast. Looking forward to seeing what else you make. I made some quilt tops but mine are just squares...maybe they will sell..Will see..